Why Do We Need To Be Divided

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I can’t stand the divides we have in this nation and world. There is a widening divide between the Left and Right wing , there is a widening divide on social issues, and there is a widening divide between rich and poor, white people and people of color. We cannot, as a progressive society, ignore the fact that this is our reality. We cannot pretend that we are one big “happy” family, because we are not. However, this may be the way of human nature and we will continue to stay divided, as long as we exist. The real question may be what progress can be made in order to keep these gaps from widening? How in the heck are we supposed to “fix” this? There may be no solution to this disfunction of society, but there must be a place for a bit of hope, a bit of light. Find…show more content…
The only way anyone will ever see the opposite side, is if there is something that could tie us together. Something that both sides find worthy of their time and energy that make them at least respect one another and will start to decrease the divide. I want to dedicate myself to repairing the divides nationally and internationally by being and maintaining a “bridge” between the separate ends of the stick. I am, have been, and will continue to be that kind of bridge in my Maine community – the link that connects two sides with one commonality. I am a quiet leader. I haven’t run for a lot of “traditional” leadership positions, and I am not the captain of my sports teams, but I am someone that people look to in a way that links the whole picture. I am a bridge connecting the cultural and racial divides. While I was visiting Cambodia, where I was born and adopted from, my skin color and my kindness made me the “go to” to ask about American traditions, while they were uncomfortable asking my two white American mothers. In Maine (the whitest state in America), I am a “go to” person to

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