Primary Source Document Analysis

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To analyze this primary source document, we must do an OPVL. Firstly, this source was published in an independent journal, in a newspaper, by James Madison. It was written in 1789 and it is a primary source document. Secondly, this document was written to persuade the people of the state of New York to support the constitution and checks and balances in the government. The intended audience was the people of New York. Thirdly, this would be very useful to a historian studying this because they could use it is written by one of the main creators of the constitution, in addition to being a primary source document. Finally, this documentation has limitations because it does not tell a historian that the writer is biased and only showcases the positive aspects of having a…show more content…
Due to this being a persuasive document, it does not show any examples of why we should not have a constitution. During Federalist 51, Madison explains the purpose of the paper is to help readers understand how the structure of this proposed government makes liberty possible. Madison acknowledges that conflicts between people are inherent, however with this new system of government it would prevent an overtaking of any certain branch. With each branch being independent, no one branch will have too much power over one another. This is a solution to preventing a situation in which any one group controls the decisions of a society. This idea is very beneficial because it protects corruption of the government and protects one branch from overtaking the government. While it is important to protect the corruption of the system, it is equally as crucial to help people fighting injustice. The proposed government is divided into many groups of people with different views, making it more difficult for any
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