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Like Huck Finn’s, my family is almost the same. I would consider Jim as my mother and Pap as my step-father who no longer lives with us. Although Jim was not a part of Huck’s blood family, He very much acted like the father that Huck never truly had with Pap. Although my mother is a women, my maternal mother and much more, she reminds me of Jim very much. My step-father had good intentions, but he wasn’t very hard working and he many things bothered him. He had a short temper and all in all, he was much like the character Pap in many ways. In this story, the author portrays the character Pap as an older man who doesn’t have his life straightened out. My step-father reminds me of Pap because like the character Pap, he was never very hard working. I believe that Pap has a good head on his shoulders but only his mind is in the right place. Pap isn’t one for society. He doesn’t want rules anchoring him down so he can’t move freely. My step- father was very different. He was truly a social butterfly. He couldn’t walk down the street without stopping to say hello to anyone…show more content…
She’s always there and regardless of what happens, she never gives up; much like Jim. In his days, Jim has went through many hardships. Some were more challenging than others but at the end of the day, they shaped him to who he is today. My mother’s the same way. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri (Excess spinal fluid in the brain). It causes pressure in the brain and if worse, it can lead to blindness. My mother undergo many brain surgeries and went through many doctors until finally, she was better. Although even today we still experience problems with the shunt (A tube placed in the body to drain the spinal fluid), we are all doing okay and living happily. Many things remind me of my mother when the author talks about Jim. Truthfully, both Jim and my mother are warriors, surviving so much more than any normal person

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