How Does Running Affect Heart Rate

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Research questions: How does the amount of running affect the heart rate? Introduction “This is an experiment to find out how the heart rate is affected by a change in the amount of running we perform.” Heart rate is an essential part of your body system. Human beings need to have a heart to pump blood and oxygen all over our body. This happens by contracting and retracting because cellular respiration requires oxygen. It is also called heartbeats or pulse. It is most frequently worked out as the number of heartbeats in one minute and expressed as “beats per minute”. A regular heart rate is based on the characteristics of the person as like the age, the size, the health… and the conditions he is in as for example whether he is doing exercises…show more content…
Use the football pitch which was on a flat surface on an astroturf. - The speed of running (no units). Run without speeding or slowing down and stay concentrate. Equipment In this experiment, I have used… a football pitch/astroturf a stopwatch volunteers to do the runnings a person to tell the time in one minute that we take to measure our pulse Method This experiment is very simple and can easily be done at home. We will use the basic way to understand how to manipulate the heart rate by doing exercises and then measure our pulse. Ask for two or three volunteers that are able to do the runnings and another person to use the stopwatch to measure our pulse in one minute for every tests. Make the person run one lap at a constant speed to be more accurate. Measure the heart rate of the person that has been running for 30s using the stopwatch. Then, multiply the number by 2 to get the answer in beats per minute. Record all the results in a table to make a graph at the end of the experiment. Repeat step 2 to 4 for 4 times more to make a precise average for each tests of the experiment. Repeat step 2 to 5 for each independent variable which are the number of laps (2 laps; 3 laps; 4 laps; 5 laps; 0

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