Character Analysis Of Chetan Bhagat

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Here the most admirable character is Vroom (Varun Malhotra). Chetan Bhagat through his character vroom explains how other country people are ruling India indirectly. This century youngsters are more interested in IT jobs to earn in dollars but in reality what they are doing is modern slavery. They slave themselves to get salary from foreign countries. As Chetan Bhagat describes how nationalists formed "The talented kids felt no need to belittle the local cultural, language or religious. This created a relatively large class of proud nationalists the economic growth seeking generation of Indians who were perhaps not so well exposed to world culture". So, the talented group formed as nationalists' and insecure privileges formed…show more content…
"In India, we stay away from certain issues in the name of political corridness. Suddenly those are the issues that most need attention". As Chetan says it is the politics which have to be corrected then everyone in India will stay quite. Chetan says those are the issues that have to be cleared Immediately; One such contentions issue is Caste based reservation. There has been so many protest conducted against the caste based reservation system but it has not eradicated from the Indian constitution. "We must factor in the long-term interest of the nation. We must also have a reservation policy that best achieves the primary objective - to have a fairer, more equal society. We must also accept that reservation is short cut. It is a stopgap, artificial albeit quick way to create equality in society" Here Bhagat accepts that these caste reservation systems create more and more inequality among the people in the society. It creates a short gap where through reservation people can enter. It creates short cut for

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