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Introduction In “Terrible Things” by Eve Bunting and Fred Gross’s interview “Child of the Holocaust” we are given an idea of the cruelty of people during the Holocaust and how good people sat by did nothing while people around them were being killed. They also show us how people made excuses for why they shouldn’t be taken and why others were. Terrible Things During the Holocaust people did nothing about their neighbors and friends being taken away and in “Terrible Things” this is shown with Eve Bunting’s interpretation of the Holocaust using forest creatures and the ‘Terrible Things’. In “Terrible Things” she uses forest creatures to represent people who are taken by the ‘Terrible Things’ that represent the Nazis and Hitler. She also shows…show more content…
“What’s wrong with feathers?”We mustn’t ask,” Big Rabbit said. “The Terrible Things don’t need a reason. Just be glad it wasn’t us they wanted.” Even though Little Rabbit questions the ‘Terrible Things’ motives, he still did nothing about it and just watched them being taken away. Not only this, but Big Rabbit even encourages Little Rabbit to do nothing about it, this is exactly what happened during the Holocaust people did nothing and didn’t really care as long as they were safe. In the story Big rabbit states “ Probably nothing,” Big Rabbit said. “But the Terrible Things don’t need a reason. Many creatures dislike frogs. Lumpy slimy things. And fish are so cold and unfriendly. They never talk to any of us.” During the Holocaust innocent people were taken away and even though people knew it was wrong, they still did nothing and made excuses for why they deserved it. In this story the Holocaust is likely represented in an allegory because it helps to show the way things worked and how there were plenty of good people who acted as bystanders and did nothing until the Nazis came for them. It also helps show young readers that standing together against problems is better than going against each other until you're the last one. This is shown
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