Why Did Hitler Cause World War Two?

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Adolf Hitler was elected to be Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, he stole the people of Germany's freedom, tried to exterminate all Jews and in the process killed thousands and thousands of innocents. However, I believe that he did not want to cause World War Two. As from the beginning of his career to his gory and not-so-pleasant death, Hitler only ever had 3 major goals: the possession of Lebensraum (living space) for the German people, the reclamation of German territory and some kind of final reckoning with the Jews. The Nazi dream was to put the Germanic people at the peak of humanity. In order to do that, Hitler said that it was essential for them to have Lebensraum which they would find in the resource-rich East. He was more concerned with killing off those who weren't of a 'pure race' in order to make more space than waging war itself.…show more content…
Hitler then managed to negotiate a naval pact with Britain, allowing Germany to have a Navy of a size that was only 35 percent of Britain's fleet, along with a submarine fleet that was equivalent in size. Hitler realised that many of the world's leaders were becoming progressively nervous as Germany re-armed, after the country's role in World War 1 some twenty years earlier. He continually reassured diplomats, and anyone else who would listen, that Germany's military increase was solely a defensive measure in order to put the country on an equal footing with surrounding nations. He believed that Germany had the right to defend itself like every other nation, this was not a declaration of war but a plea for
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