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World War Two began in September 1939, after Adolf Hitler ordered Germany to invade Poland. To this day, the German dictator that lead to the cause of WW2 is the most widely known world leader and considered one of the most evil men to ever live. I believe that Adolf Hitler was more effective in his use of propaganda than the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. This is because he was a powerful speaker and had the ability to persuade people of his ideas. He gave the Germans a sense of hope and purpose in the midst of their difficulties and he was able to promise Germany prosperity during the Great Depression. Adolf Hitler was a more powerful and influential man than Benito Mussolini because of his successful use of propaganda and exceptional…show more content…
Although Hitler copied many of his strategies from Benito Mussolini’s fascist movement in Italy, he was more effective in his use of them. He convinced Germans to support his policies by throwing parades and rallies such as the annual Nuremberg rally in which he would give speeches on the importance of German nationalism and anti-Semitism. People began to come under his influence as a result of his hypnotic speeches that “plugged into the fears, prejudices, insecurities and outrage of his audience” (Bolotta, Hawkes, Jarman, Keirstead, Watt, 148). Hitler wrote about the power of speech in his book Mein Kampf. Another one of his techniques was the use of propaganda in the media. He used posters and signs with the slogan “We want work and bread, choose Hitler” and pro-Nazi films, books and newspaper articles were produced. The swastika (symbol of the Nazi party) was constantly advertised through the media and represented the Nazis hatred to those who opposed them. Adolf Hitler was able to gain the support of the Germans through his charisma and brainwashing…show more content…
He used propaganda to gain confidence from Germany and manipulated them to believe he had the answer to their problems. After Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles, the country was in devastation and confusion as to how and why they were defeated. Hitler provided an answer to them. He blamed Germany’s struggles on things such as a lack of patriotism, communism, Jewish people and all those who were not part of the superior race (Aryans). The German citizens had found a sense of purpose after becoming a hopeless nation. Germany was angry after WWI and when Hitler gave them a target, the Jews, they were happy to be a part of what they believed was a good cause, fighting for the revenge of their country. One man who was a new member of the Nazi party said “There were people around me who felt the same as I, who were looking at each other in joyful rapture, as if they were all one family… where everyone could read in the other’s eyes a solemn oath of loyalty” (Freeman, 34) as he saw Hitler arrive at a rally. Adolf Hitler made the Germans feel a sense of belonging and gave them a scapegoat in the Jewish people which made him very

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