Power In The Serial Killer

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Truth About Power Since the dawn of time, humanity as a whole has desired power, whether it is power over animals, each other, or the world. Power has been one of the key motivations for people, whether it be Adolf Hitler, Randall Woodfield, or even the common man. Almost anyone desires some sort of power and although power gain arrives with no flaws, when it does go bad it makes up for its rarity. Power can corrupt anyone and everyone, it can damage our great minds, turn us into serial killer, and even turn once great leaders into ambitious power hungry leaders with an iron fist. Power has many forms some help light up houses and others affect our minds. Although having power feels great, it actually changes the way our minds work. There…show more content…
In 1972, the FBI formed a unit based on the study of human behavior this unit was called the behavioral Science Unit (BSU) until it was changed to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). They studied the minds of criminals to learn how they think they’re most commonly known for studying serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. The way they determine the type of killer they are dealing with is by dividing them into a type such as revenge, sexual, or power offenders based on their motivations or their behavior. In an article called, “Serial Murder”, on the website FBI.Gov, they go into key details about types of motivations and types of crimes one such type is, “Power/thrill is a motivation in which the offender feels empowered and/or excited when he kills his victims.”. Another article called “What makes a serial killer…” on the website Mirror.co.uk by Steve Myall goes into more detail about this idea called the power junkie. The article says, “Serial killers typically have a real affinity with power…Intent on exerting some kind of control over the people around them… often hold back bits of crucial information in a bid to maintain power over the situation…”. Another article called, “The Serial Killer” also goes into key detail about motives and types. One motive was called power/control and…show more content…
Even before World War 2 when Hitler was in power he issued the first anti-smoking campaign and saved thousands of lives despite killing millions later on. Adolf Hitler during the first years as leader of Germany, he brought Germany out of the great depression and increased employment rates higher than that of the United States at the time. However, as world war II began many of Hitler’s closest friends as well as the Nazi leaders noticed he had changed to a point he seemed paranoid and controlling. Hitler became ambitious about expanding his control as well as making Germany into his vision of a powerful nation made up of his master race until he ultimately became too ambitious. Due to his ambition of winning the war Hitler while still fighting Britain launched Operation Barbarossa and ultimately backstabbed the USSR leading to a war on two fronts leading to Hitler’s downfall. However, Hitler’s actions may have been influenced by him becoming corrupted by his power. Hitler was paranoid, controlling, and ambitious all of these characteristics fall under the category of a power junkie serial killer and his dark childhood could have

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