How Did Government Use Propaganda During World War 2

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During World War Two the governments involved needed public support. The solution, propaganda. Propaganda is very important because we need to prevent governments manipulating our opinions on things; whether for good or not. Propaganda was made by everyone including the Germans and Americans, and it was directed towards everyone including children. The United States used many types of propaganda during World War Two. During the stretch from 1942-1945, they made and distributed over 200,000 posters. Comic books were huge during this era. Many comic books got their start during World War Two, like Captain America. The United States even made a series of films trying to raise public support for the war called Why We Fight. Due to the fact that Television wasn’t that widespread, radio was used much more.…show more content…
Propaganda supported violence and hate towards the Jews. Germany convinced citizens that they were protecting the western culture. Germany also made propaganda against the Polish and Czechoslovakians because they had received land after World War 1. A newspaper, that when translated into English is called The Attacker, had “Printed cartoons that used antisemitic caricatures to depict the Jews.” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). When Germany made propaganda the main point was to manipulate the German public. Propaganda was made for all sorts of Audiences, not even the children were safe from it. Many companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers produced cartoons about World War Two. In the cartoon Daffy The Commando, Daffy Duck fights the Nazis and at the end, even hits Hitler in the head with a Hammer. In the cartoon Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips, Bugs Bunny squares off against Japanese soldiers. In the cartoon, the Japanese were very stereotyped and in one scene Bugs starts using derogatory words and phrases to describe them while selling them popsicles with grenades inside of them. Even the

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