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Tuck Everlasting If you were Winnie Foster, from Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, would you have drank the magical spring water? The magical spring water is a spring that contains water that give you immorality. If I were Winnie I would not have drank the water because life would be meaningless without an end. Also, you will be limited to the amount of things you can accomplish or do. Lastly, life would be very boring without an end. Life would be meaningless without an end. In the book Tuck Everlasting, the first signs are that Angus Tuck dreamt about he and his family escaping his immorality and being in heaven after they all passed away. The author said in the book, "Everything's a wheel, turning and turning, never stopping. The frogs is part of it, and the bugs, and the fish, and the wood thrush, too. And people. But never the same ones. Always coming in new, always growing and changing, and always moving on. That's the way it's supposed to be. That's the way it is" The quote means that everything must have a start and a finish, for us that means that we all were meant to be born and we were all meant to have an end.…show more content…
In the book Tuck Everlasting, Jesse Tuck had a wife and two kids, everything was normal until he and his family found out he was immortal, they soon left him and Jesse Tuck had his family taken away from him. Miles said, "I was married. I had two children. But, from the look of me, I was still twenty-two. My wife, she finally made up her mind I'd sold my soul to the Devil. She left me. She went away and she took the children with her." The Tuck family can never stay in one spot too long, or else someone would find out about their secret. They are limited to their own world, and they always have to be cautious about someone drinking the water or somebody discovering their

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