How Did Joseph Stalin Cause The Cold War

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Josef Stalin caused the Cold War because of how they made a treaty with the chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler and of his desire of military and land expansion. Russia wanted to takeover Poland but Germany stood in the way because there were too many territories that were first controlled by Germany. They did this because they did not want to start a war with Germany. In August 1939 the world was shocked by this but the United States feared this the most. The Hitler-Stalin pact created some tension between the United States and Russia because Russia was once on America’s side but since they joined Germany’s side, they questioned their alliance with them. Although this only started World War II It could had started tension between Russia…show more content…
Truman, the president of the United States, and Josef Stalin, dictator of Russia, were rivals because of their huge differences in beliefs, lifestyle and their aims. The United States at this time was capitalistic while Russia was communistic. Their lifestyle was also very different because America had freedom and a two-party democracy while Russia had a secret police and a one-party state. The United States believed in freedom, justice and privacy while Russia used the secret police to enforce their rule and to make sure the people obeyed their leaders and dictator of the Soviet Union. The people of the Soviet Union were not given a fair chance in voting for what they feel is right. Instead the dictator had absolute rule over them and decided what the best thing for the country was. Russia’s aims were they “wanted to weaken Germany and create a buffer zone of friendly states around Russia which means that they wanted more allies around them as a safe zone for them, while the United States wanted Germany to recover as a trading partner”.(“ Ideological differences - Stalin vs Truman”). Therefore, the differences between Josef Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union, and Harry S. Truman may have caused a spark and tension between the two countries which may have led to the Cold

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