The Samurai's Garden Character Analysis

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Authors often use various types of tension in their works. Their goal is to keep the reader in old and interested while creating conflict between characters. At the same time, writers use tension to drive the plot and fully develop character personalities. Certain types of conflict can have more of an effect on the reader than other types. In Gail Tsukiyama's The Samurai's Garden familial, cultural and racial tension are used to progress the story and develop characters. One of the types of tension that is used in the novel frequently is familial tension. An example of familial tension is when it is discovered that Stephen's father has been cheating on Stephen's mother. "I have always known that there might be someone else... You're old enough…show more content…
An example of racial tension is the obvious disdain that Stephen's friend King has for the Japanese in his letter. "It's been reported that thousands of men, women, and children have been killed and raped needlessly by the Japanese bastards... But only after my solemn promise that I would return to Hong Kong if the Japanese devils get too close."(Tsukiyama 97) In his letter King refers to the Japanese as devils and bastards which implies that King now has an aversion to all Japanese people because of the war. King's hateful attitude towards the Japanese is an example of how the war between China and Japan has created strain between citizens of both countries. Another example of racial tension in the novel is when Stephen encounters Keiko's family at Kenzo's funeral. "When the ceremony was over I decided to approach Keiko and her family... But not before her father turned toward me... When her father turned back to me, it was with a look so full of hate that I simply bowed my head and walked quickly away." (Tsukiyama 110) It is clear because of this passage that Keiko's father dislikes Stephen because he is Japanese. It can then be inferred that the reason for Keiko's hesitance to be in a relationship with Stephen is due to the tension between their

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