Hitler's Hatred Of The Jews Essay

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Week 1 Identify the key elements in Hitler's hatred of the Jews. Hitler’s speech, delivered on January 30 1939, was very telling of the reasons behind his deep-seated hatred of the Jews. The extract provided by SHOAH resource center (primary source) outlines that he firmly believed that Jews were diseased, both physically and politically. Additionally, he felt that they were ‘reprehensible’ manipulators, who had gained wealth through deception. This wealth, according to Hitler, rightfully belonged to Germany. Hitler saw the Jews as an “alien race.” He used colourful rhetoric and stinging sarcasm when referring to the Jews as “irreplaceable & culturally eminent,” and “precious apostles of culture.” Hitler’s repeated usage of the term culture highlights his apparent view that Jews were boorish. Another repeated metaphor is the comparison of Jews to “parasite[s] living on the body and the productive work of other nations.” In this two-pronged attack, he not only accuses Jews of being lazy…show more content…
Hitler had an abundance of time to exterminate the Jews, in which he did not. While he outlined his hatred of the Jews very early in his career (and before rising to power), it could be inferred that someone with concrete plans for genocide would not have waited for that length of time. On the other hand, if one were to take his well-documented hatred of the Jews literally, they could also assume that all of the steps taken prior to the extermination (such as attempted evacuation) were to retain the favour of the masses, only enacting his true plans when he felt he was unstoppable. The path to Auschwitz was unquestionably complex and

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