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I’m outside my building, hood hiding my face from the camera that are stationed on every corner. There’s a little tiny remote box in my hand that my fingers squeeze tightly. I roughly shove my way through the rush of people walking up and down the filthy streets. They were all trying to survive. To live with some sanity. Tall filthy buildings line the street and Hovers zoom at deadly speeds up and down, not caring if they hit anyone who’s stupid enough to step in their path. It’s chaos, but it’s somehow controlled chaos. Everyone around me is clearly human with a depressed, an almost dead, expression. I have to get away from my building as soon as possible. It’s almost been three hours and I know Whitefang and his officers will be arriving soon with a will to kill me. I’m almost a block away, when the low-riding black Hover-tanks zoomed…show more content…
I panic. I’m still too close. They will be able to detect where the signal comes from and track me from there. I stop and watch as Whitefang and his officers step out of the hovers and enter the building in an orderly manner. I reach into my pocket, pulling out a little communicator. I can’t talk into it, instead it’s rewired and linked to another one that is set up in my house, so I can hear when Whitefang reaches my door. I listen quietly as the communicator echoes the sound of booming footsteps and then a furious knock at the door. “Miss. Crane. Open up this door, your three hours are up,” Whitefang’s voice yells. I exhale, turning into an ally and placing my thumb on the single button on the little remote box. It’s the trigger. I close my eyes and listen to the communicator; the sound of the door being broken down and officers rushing in. Then I hear my own voice. “You can’t make me leave my sister’s side,” my voice explains. I can picture exactly what’s happening in my head. I made a hologram of myself, setting off the trigger. It’s placed beside Kallua and instantly activated when the door was forced

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