Personal Narrative On Thanksgiving

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As a young child, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving at Granny’s house every year. All of my relatives knew where Thanksgiving was going to be. We call her Granny because she is my grandmother. Granny is a short, kind, helpful, and amazing woman. She will help another person before she helps herself, and will give everything she have and be left with hardly nothing. That is just how Thanksgiving is at Granny’s house! She invites everybody she knows and cooks all this delicious food. The week before Thanksgiving, Granny sits down in her big blue recliner and calls everybody she wants to invite to Thanksgiving dinner. Granny said, “It is not Thanksgiving without a lot people, family, chicken pastry, collard greens, turkey, sweet yams, and fried chicken.” Granny has four beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. I am her youngest granddaughter and I help her mostly in prepping everything for Thanksgiving dinner. On Thanksgiving eve my sister and I help Granny make all the desserts, and helps roll out the homemade pastry for the chicken pastry. No one has had good chicken pastry until they have actually rolled out the pastry and…show more content…
Everyone is up, gets dressed, and is ready to go to the flea market. The flea market is an outside market where there are hundreds of vendors set up, selling things. We woke up early just to go out there and shop. It is outside with a lot of dust and it was freezing. They were so many people at the flea market that we could barely walk. There was a vendor that had more than one hundred boxes on the ground and they were all filled with items that were very cheap. One of my aunts stayed at that booth for an hour looking through all of that stuff. Granny didn’t go with us because she wanted to make sure everything was ready for all the visitors and family she had invited. After we left the flea market it was time to go back to Granny house and get ready for

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