Personal Narrative: Summer

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“Bye he said with a quiver in his lips and tears in his eyes. He grabbed me close and cried on my shoulders. Running under the forever sky, with boogers on his face and drool on his shirt. My happy simile turned upside down and my brain confused from left to right. I wonder to sit and think or chase him across the endless savannah. By the time my brain made up its mind, he disappeared like Summer. I ran as fast as a Cheetah catching its prey, and asked my mom a puzzling question. She told me that he moved away, to city known as the big apple. I cried a roaring cry and and screamed a roaring scream. I shook the earth with my two feet, and caused an earthquake that ranked a 9.5 on the Richter scale. My brain went into overload and plunged to
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