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What is the writing process? The writing process teach student to internalize the steps of producing finish piece of writing and should entail the recursive phases of pre writing ,drafting, revising ,editing and publishing when students internalize the process approach, they are prepared to produce logical and well writing document which convey an appropriate massage for a specific audience in personal, academic and professional contexts. All the stage in the writing process may be condensed in a timed writing ,but they are addressed even briefly internalizing the writing process to help student improve on demand and help student to develop writing skills and knowledge or timed easy performance in professional environment. The same steps…show more content…
Writing is complement of speech or spoken words it is also is also help preserve history. Writing is the process of using symbol letter of alphabet ,punctuation and space to communicate through the ideas in a readable form .Writing can also refers to the work or career of the author as in some they can use writing as writing stories and poem this show that writing can be process and a job career. Writing is also the act or art of forming visible letter or character .it is also another form of expression your ideas or opinion in a writing form. Writing is the forth language skills which are listening, speaking, reading and writing .Writing is usually the fourth language…show more content…
Some write to improve their writing skills and knowledge, for work or academic and for entertainment also a taking notes. Study purpose is an example of writing, blogging a letter to a friend. To write clearly it is important to understand the basic structure of language. It is also important to consider your audience when writing. There are two popular different types of writing which are formal writing and in formal writing. The primary reason for writing anything is to communicate with others. To stimulate interest or action from the reader. Writing also use to help reflection on your experience. While at university the key way of assessing the progress and learning of student is via the wring for ourselves or we write for

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