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“In Defense of Distraction”, written by Sam Anderson talks about how our attention spam has impacted our lives incredibly, that is since we multitask on many things. Basically Anderson says how our society is not so good at doing one thing at time, we feel the need to multitask and get things done quicker. In his first section of his essay, “The poverty of Attention”, he states …”the problem of attention has become the center of cultural attention” (397). This explains how our society is revolved around culturally issues, not just personal. But because this effects everyone, it becomes more of a habit. For example, when a new technology is announced, everyone seems so eager to buy it. Like a cellphone, since in today’s society we are evolved…show more content…
Gozzi describes how the cell phone grabs your full undivided attention, he calls it “The Cell Phone Force.” He says, “The Cell Phone Force magnetically grabs your attention, and pulls it onto the screen, away from your physical surroundings.” (Gozzi, Raymond). He explains what the call phone force does to you. He says, ‘force promises us contact with others, creating a magical presence of someone at a distance.” (Gozzi, Raymond). He also mentions how people are being pulled away from their surroundings, since they are on the phone while they walk. They don’t pay a lot of attention as they should be. “The Cell Phone Zone is a real zone of experience”, as he says. Which means that, when someone is in “The Cell Phone Zone”, people are being pulled away from reality or from our society. Which tends to have people think they are being rude from talking on their cell phones really loud. Gozzie also says, “As users of cell phones, we need to understand the Cell Phone Force, and how it sucks in our attention.” This goes back to “In defense of Distraction”, because Anderson stated, “the wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Both Gozzi and Anderson agree that technology is a huge distraction to our society. Now that cell phones are advanced in the year of 2015, it allows us to do many

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