What Is Gender Equality In The Workplace Essay

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As females, we will forever be in debt to the powerful men who have finally created a society in which women are held at such a high esteem within the workplace. Such sayings as "Women are arising," and "We have come leaps and bounds in the area of gender equality," have become prominent upon the lips of men across the nation. In an attempt to promote our new-found, unearned place within the work force, these brave men boast in the fact that there is simply no room for discrimination and gender differences in the workplace. For us, inequality is finally an issue of the past, and women in office cubicles everywhere are experiencing this great revival of freedom. The first discovery of this new world has brought us women out from under our oppressing rocks and into a glory that we would have never known if men had not paved the way. After all, the area of business has always been a "man's world," and as women, we simply occupy it. The liberation that comes from working beneath these men reaps a much greater reward than any freedom that might come from working alongside of them. We should enjoy the trivial and mundane tasks that we are so generously entrusted with…show more content…
These empty spaces in an organization are commonly reserved for men of much greater education and stature than that of a woman. We are not experienced enough to handle the pressures that easily come with promotion and we are certainly not equipped to lead, especially over males within a corporation. We must agree upon the idea that it is best to merely sit pretty, dress our best, and put on our sweetest smile as we observe the men who are able to "get the job done." This world of business that we have been so generously invited into, is often considered a "boy's club," and therefore, we must be willing to relax upon the sidelines as others, who are more qualified and capable than we are, take the

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