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“The arts empower. The arts give a voice to the voiceless. The arts help transform American communities and, as I often say, the result can be a better child, a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world.”(Robert L. Lynch) The women’s movement allowed a new platform for women artist that were once invisible. Feminist artwork began in the 1960s and 1970s during the second wave of feminism. It is important that there are women artist that are activist; however, you shouldn’t need to be an activist to be a successful artist. All artist should have the right to express what they want because it is there work. During the women's movements women fought for there right to make there own decisions; artist should have this same right…show more content…
Art allowed women to to rebel against females only being used as subject of sexuallity for men. It also allowed them to rebel against the standards and roles that a was forced upon women. It is hard to define what exactly feminist art is because there it does not fit into specific category. Feminist art is a category of art the started in the 1960’s and 1970’s that describes the societal and political differences in women and men. Feminist art is not a style but more of a group of art that shows women’s lives. Art can be used as a powerful message to show a woman's point of view about personal life or a more positive view on their bodies. It is important that young girls are able to see things that are relatable and make them feel empowered. This is especially important of women of color. Women during the movement fought to be heard and if they could not find places to show their work in other galleries the would make their own. They created their own galleries and even created schools created specifically for feminist art. The impact that this art has on society is that it finally started to show women as powerful, strong, and

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