Nvq Level 5 Health And Social Care Research Paper

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“We all have the right to live free from abuse of any kind. Our age or circumstances should have no bearing or effect on this basic right”.(Human Right Act 1998) The aim of this essay is to understand the different types of abuse that can occur within the community. In this essay there will be a range of examples to identify the signs of abuse, how to protect vulnerable people and how legislation and policies does become effective to protect the individual. Furthermore, what kind of responsibility has the single professional in health and social care, in the protection of the individual? If an abuse occurs the first thoughts are this can happen only to “weak people” such as children or elder/vulnerable people. But an abuse can happen to everybody…show more content…
The professional who works with children must clarify that there are no orders or restrictions regarding the own person or other person who lives in the same household. Otherwise the professional will be not employed. Quote of a head teacher from a local infant school:”Safeguarding overwrite everything including Human Right Act 1998”. Therefore the home schooling program is standing in contradiction to child protection and safeguarding vulnerable people, as nobody has really a knowledge how the child will be brought up or what kind of education the child will receive. Home schooling is a clear lack in the law .That law must be changed! Regard the DBS check in health and social care. To improve the safety in health and social care by working with vulnerable people, the clarification ( which takes place in childcare )that there are no orders or restrictions about family members who lives in the same household is a good example in…show more content…
In her father’s believing was this an act against the religion. The consequences for that girl were fatal, it was not allowed for her to attend maths class, and the girl was monitored by the whole family. The girl was also forced to cover her face otherwise if she wouldn’t do that her father’s punishment would be shaving her hairs (what he already practice in the past) and sending her back in the originated country where she is coming from. The girl showed signs of deep depressions, thoughts of suicide and marks of self harm. However the girl still protected the abuser (father). This is another sign of emotional and physical abuse .That reaction is also named as Stockholm Syndrome in health and social care. Professionals of the women’s aid Organisation Birmingham were involved in that case. The outcome of that situation was that the girl lives now away of that family and she carry on with the college but the father couldn’t be charged for that abuse. In that case of the Muslim girl the” Human right Act 1998 applied, Article 2: Everyone’s right to life shall protected by law. Article 3: No one shall be subjected to degrading treatment. “(Mclean et al

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