Global Public Goods Case Study

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GLOBAL PUBLIC GOODS : CRITIQUE OF A UN DISCOURSE This paper tries to analyze the nature and role of public goods at an international platform. Through the process of internal criticism, the core nature of public goods and their relationship is looked into. Global public goods, as a concept, have its roots in the concept of public goods. The term was first used in 1990s but has generated attention with its mention in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as a medium of analyzing trans-border issues and as a method of cumulating international concerns and remedy regarding the same. Many academicians and researchers have come forth in promoting this concept and have found its play in global environment, market efficiency, international…show more content…
As Inge Kaul, Isabelle Grunberg and Marc A. Stern phrase it, public goods are those, which can be “consumed by many without becoming depleted”. This phrase primarily means that public goods are non-rivalry in nature. It does not cost an individual if another being makes use of it. Also, public goods host the feature of being non-excludable in nature, as in, it cannot be barred from the act of consumption. For instance, the ships passing by at a particular point of time can benefit the operations of a lighthouse and ships passing afterwards too can use the warning light at the same benefit level without any compromise. Public goods, which offer the characteristics of both, absolute non-excludability as well as absolute non-rivalry are termed as pure public goods. These kind of pure public goods are said to be less in number considering the fact that they possess both the characteristics in absolute nature. As Alan Prest puts it, “ goods exhibiting both of the relevant characteristics – non-rivalness in consumption and non-excludability- are likely to be few in number. On the other hand, impure pubic goods, the counter part of pure public goods, are ether non-rival but excludable to an extent or either non-excludable and rival. Club goods or externalities (public bads), etc., are examples of impure public goods. Public goods are significant in…show more content…
Local public goods are those which are confined to a smaller and specific geographical are such as traffic lights or lighthouse whereas defense etc., are considered as national public goods. Global natural commons (atmosphere), global human made commons such as global network, global policies such as peace treaties, knowledge etc., are various types of global public

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