Thesis On Gender Equality

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No issue in the recent years has drawn as much attention as the one surrounding gender equality. After a long time of fighting for gender’s rights, women have gained significant achievements on the battle for gender equality as a result. One of the most remarkable successes worth mentioning is that not only are women good at taking care of their families but they are also good leaders in the modern life. Furthermore, women has made dramatic gains in electoral politics, achieving a number of high profile positions of national leadership and a striking number of seats in parliaments around the world. Some examples of female leader in the world are Chancellor Angela Merkel – Prime Minister of German; Hillary Clinton - the 67th United States Secretary…show more content…
As we can see, the number of female leaders in workplace is just minor. In Australia, women’s growth in management positions is increased at a much lower rate (Women made up 15.4% of CEO positions) according to EOWA 2008 Australian census of women in leadership (2008). In Canada, the statement "Men are two to three times more likely to be in a senior management position than are women" is made in “Women Still Missing In Action From Senior Management Positions In Canadian Organizations ” Conference Board of Canada press release, August 31, 2011 and last but not least, in America, “Women currently hold 20 (or 4%) CEO positions at S&P 500 companies, according to "Women CEOS of the S&P 500 (2015)”. Through these statistics, we cannot reach the conclusion that the chance for women to become a leader in every field is equal to that for men. Therefore, we should facilitate them to have more opportunities to become…show more content…
These doubts come from the basic element called “Gender stereotype” (fixed ideas about men’s and women’s traits and capabilities and how people should behave, based on their gender) which needs eliminating to create more enfranchisements for women. The negative effects of gender stereotype have been mentioned widely by many stockholders all over the world, from politicians like Barack Obama in his famous sharing “This is what a feminist looks like” (4/8/2016) to psychology professors like PhD Abigail Player (A PhD student at the Centre for the Study of Group Processes at Kent university's school of psychology), with an acclaimed essay titled “Gender equality: why women are still held back” (6/12/2016). These phenomenal essays all point out that the underlying factor holding women back is gender stereotype which concedes “men are better drivers than women”, leading to the most severe consequence having a great impact on all genders as it prevents people from being who they really are. All stockholders do persist that we need to change our own minds toward gender stereotype especially female stereotype and support them

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