Now We Can Begin Essay

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“Now We Can Begin” an essay by Crystal Eastman, author, and socialist feminist shows and stands for her believes in the fight for equality for women’s right to obtain the same equality as men. There have been substantial progress with the changing of laws and policies which have aided in the women’s movement. The enactment of the Federal Suffrage Movement for women by the Tennessee Legislator allowing them to vote still remains an ongoing effort for women in the United States, even though they may have won the right to vote. Since the first feminist movement groups in the 1920’s were established for the purpose of fighting for what they deemed as suffrage, inequality, and abuse from the male race/world. Eastman knew that women suffrage was…show more content…
This struggle for equality were taking in the form of picketing, campaigns, and boycotting tactics to name a few. These tactics helped with the placement of gender norms as they were once known as. In this essay I will be discussing the ethos, pathos, and logos as they are relevant to Eastman’s writing Now We Can Begin. The feminist organizations during that time period to present as to how people think. Ethos relies on Eastman’s creditability as an author being fair as well as objective in her writing. This form of ethics creditability is one which most people feel is standard in our civilization being based on good or bad views. Eastman optimistically called equality in the workplace "the easiest part of our program," noting that "the ground is already broken" on women's participation in various professions, trades and unions. One of the chief barriers was "inequality in pay," a problem that has proved remarkably enduring. Eastman was also part of the struggle during the 1920’s with firsthand experience shows she has a working knowledge which took
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