What Is College Necessary

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Only 66 percent of high school students enroll in college. This percentage is far too less for the future of America. College is a necessary factor in one's life that will determine the type of life they will lead. With too many Americans ending their education after they walk across the stage, it leave many Americans to wonder how will the next generation make their country better. College is necessary because it provides financial security, allows for better health, and even makes one a better person. College creates a sense of financial security that a high school diploma cannot provide. According to 5 Ways Ed Pays, on average people with a college education receive 22,000 more dollars annually than people with a high school diploma. Also, people with a college education receive 63 percent more in hourly wages. By the same token, college education creates employment security along with health security. People who attend college typically receive 20 percent…show more content…
People who attend college are much less likely to become obese. One may also argue that someone who attends college is more likely to workout than someone who has not. Statistics show that people with a bachelor degree, on average, live nine years longer than high school dropouts. Additionally, people who attend college are less likely to smoke! Furthermore, a college education can make one an all around better person. People who attend college are typically closer to their families. These people are also more likely to read to their kids, and take them to concerts. Outside of family ties, a college education makes people much more involved in the outside world. People with this kind of education tend to vote in election versus the people without their education. Also, a college education would make people more apt to serve their community. People who have completed college, are twice more likely to volunteer than those who do
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