My Goals To Become A Doctor

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It is hard to predict the future, but with effort, it is possible to guide the future. With the right choices, it is possible to choose also where you wanna be. Five years from now I hope to be studying medicine at USP. No matter what type of person you are, there is nothing better to see someone smile after you do something for him or her. For this reason studying medicine I'll be able to become a doctor and then I'll help everyone. Being a doctor I'll turn everyone's life better and then I'll see them smiling to me. Improving the health sector, is one of the most important things to do. Today one of the most important jobs is to be a doctor. Good doctors can improve the health system of a country making it better. One of my dreams is to be a doctor one day, but that is still too far away from me. Talking about this, my actual goal is to get an internship and in a hospital, as a nurse or something. To complete my goal I will have to study a lot to have a nice curriculum and to be selected beside the others. Admiring this as a goal, I’ll have to be persistent and I will have to promise myself that I won't give…show more content…
Being conscious of my capacity, I know that it is possible to enter into this type of college, and a highly selective college is too much for me. The college will make me evolve mentally and professionally, being a key to my goal's achievement. One of my goals is to become a good doctor and save lives, like I've already said, but before, I want to get an internship in a hospital, as a nurse or something. My college selection will be absolutely necessary to achieve the goal, because if I enter into a selective college (a good college), and if I dedicate myself for it, I will get a great formation. This type of college will also leave a little time to practice and go to the gym, opening a way to my second go, to lose

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