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Each year, high school graduates decide to attend college. Many students attend college to get higher education and get better jobs, but others have stopped to ask themselves if college is really necessary. The article “Stop Scaring Students by Deborah Lieberman, explains why it is important to get a college education. Even though there are different perspectives to whether college is really needed or not, Caroline's Bird article “ College is a waste of time and money”, argues how unnecessary college can be. After examining both articles, readers can evaluate the true value of college. Deborah Lieberman's article shows how important it is for students to get a college degree and the benefits of having a college education can give students.…show more content…
Caroline Bird says college students attend college not because they want to go; they attend because college is a pleasant place and they want parents and taxpayers to support them (217). According to an estimate by professors and administrators, no more than 25 percent of the students are turned on by the class work; for the rest, it is a social center or another way to stay away from the economic life for a few years (217). This shows how certain students are attending college because they want to stay away from certain responsibilities and how they are pressured by their parents to get a higher education. Parents think that sending their kids to college to get a higher education will benefit them financially in the future. According to Bird, “if money is the only goal, college is the dumbest investment you can make” (220). In other words, Bird is telling students that college is expensive and if money is the only goal, there are other ways to make money, and with those other ways parents and students won’t stay in a college debt. Nowadays, students expect that they are ready for a job right after they graduate from college. However according to Charles Lawrence, “You have to learn all the stuff and you never use it again. I learned my job doing it” (224). College administrators admitted that college does not prepare their graduates…show more content…
Deborah Lieberman believes college is very important, and that it is very necessary to be valued in life. However, Bird feels that college in not necessary because it is not worth the time and money that is spent. Lieberman says that education is an investment that pays off because adults with a college education are most likely to get hired than those with a high school diploma. Bird, on the other hand, says that a college diploma no longer opens vocational doors because people from the past were able to do the job without a higher education. She also states that there is no evidence that higher income of college graduates is due to college; she is saying that people with a college degree do not receive more money than those with a high school diploma. Liberman expresses that if a student does not have a passion, “college is a wonderful place to develop or focus passion” (Liberman), so in other words, Lieberman thinks college can help students decide what they want to be in life. Bird states that “College has to be judged on not what other people think is good for students, but how it feels to the students themselves” (Bird 220). She is trying to say that if students are confused or not sure what they want to do after high school, they should not listen to those that know best and go to college. She is saying that students should decide if

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