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Critical situations like accidents and emergencies may occur any time without any warning. Being prepared to handle them physically and psychologically is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility. Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Chemperi has established emergency procedures so that the effects of those situations can be minimized. The purpose of this SOP is to acquaint VJECians with some basic safety procedures which are to be followed in handling emergencies. Acquainting with these will enhance your chances of self-protection and will enable you to help others. With your heightened awareness, you will be able to act better in emergency situations by minimizing panic and confusion. No matter what the crisis; THINK before you ACT. The aim of the safety procedures is to ensure, in the event of an emergency: a)…show more content…
Constitute an emergency control team at a pre-arranged control point - normally the main entrance of our Main Building. b. Establish a communication system between the accident scene, possibly another building, and the control point. c. Confirm that the emergency services have been informed, if necessary. d. Determine local hazards - e.g. fire in a laboratory. e. Restrict access/egress to traffic wherever necessary. f. Provide adequate information for the emergency services when they arrive. g. Supply first aid cover or call an ambulance if necessary. h. Complete the evacuation of all affected areas. i. Assess the degree of emergency and inform college management and the Press/Media, if required. j. Secure affected buildings - i.e. do not allow re-entry until an all-clear signal is given. The above objectives will be achieved through an emergency coordination team consisting of an Emergency Coordinator, Kerala Fire & Rescue Service Department officers and other such specialist and management staff, as each particular situation may

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