College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College Athletes Should Be Paid College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry. Each year thousands of high school students are recruited to play college sports, but under strict conditions. Students are required to do well in athletics while keeping up with their academics. College athletes spend up to 45 hours per week on practices, training and games. In addition, they spend roughly 40 hours on their academics. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) do not think it is necessary to pay these athletes because they want to maintain the “amateur sport” status, when in actuality, it is not so. College athletes should be paid because they work extremely hard at these sports, universities make billions off their hard work and…show more content…
In professional and college football there have been quite a number of concussions reported. Professional and college football are fairly similar. Athletes in both cases have to work hard, be dedicated and maintain discipline in order to be successful. They work equally as hard and obtain injuries (minor and fatal). The difference between the two is that professional players are paid millions while college athletes get a scholarship. College athletes do not have insurance. If they are injured, they and their families are left with the financial burden. Also if they are injured and not able to play the sport anymore, their scholarships are rescinded. Some of these players are from impoverished backgrounds and it is hard for them to continue their studies without a scholarship. Hence some drop out of school. People with opposing viewpoints may argue that college athletes do not need to be paid because they are provided with scholarships. What these people fail to realize is that some of these scholarships are not full-ride. They do not cover all the necessary fees that needs to be covered. Hence the family of these players have to compensate for that. Also, even full-ride scholarships fall short in being able to take care of student athlete’s needs. Students with fill-ride scholarships have to still worry about where…show more content…
While these people have a point, how does one explain a university graduate being illiterate? There have been reports of college athletes, who went to school for four years, graduated with a master’s degree, but are not able to read or write at the level one would expect them to. Could it be that universities are focusing too much on these students being the best athlete, when they should be focusing on them getting an education; which is the main purpose for them being

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