ASCA National Model Vs NCDA Model Analysis

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Implementing both the ASCA National Model and the NCDA model to support both academic and careers goals for every student is a necessary foundation for success. Academically, a comprehensive school counseling program is a crucial element of success. This model values diversity, counselor and student competencies, data driven standards, and equitable access to a comprehensive education for all students. (ASCA, 2008). Utilizing this model helps form a collaborative effort between school counselors and stakeholders, this provides a widespread support system for every student. Combining this with the NCDA model will also allow for extensive career counseling and preparation, which is entirely necessary during the high school years. This model places a priority on helping students make quality decisions about their educational/career plan, and provides assistance in the career development process. Whether students are going into the work force, attending a technical or 2-year school, or looking to go to a 4-year university; all choices are valued and supported. (NCDA, 2012). Academic and Career Counseling Priorities Setting students on the right track to academic and career success is an essential element of a school counselor's job. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on…show more content…
The ASCA (2008) notes within their National Model that school counselors coordinate continuous activities that are oriented towards helping students establish personal goals and develop future plans. What works for one child may not work for another and a counselor should be sure to cater to the particular needs of each one. Clark and Breman (2009) state that the increase in diverse student demographics has displayed a significant variance in sets of needs. Each demographic has unique issues that need to be addressed by school counselors specifically in order to foster educational achievement and career

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