Importance Of Education In Life

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Educational Skills vs. Life Skills In today’s working world most people will think that a college degree is necessary for success. In life people are constructed and conditioned that one needs higher education to succeed. But a degree is not an essential key factor to attain an achievement. It is not always a requirement to acquire a satisfying work as long as you are joyful and comfortable in what you are doing, then it means you are successful. Besides, certain people achieved their goal without having to go to college considering that they are motivated to be fortunate. One of the main reasons why people need to deal with school is not because they want to but they have to. A degree does not benefit a success unless you implement the comprehension…show more content…
It looks like from high school it is drilled into our heads that we ought to attend college to be successful in life. A degree is not necessarily important to be successful in life. Self-education can obtain knowledge, and nothing beats experience. The type of degree chosen may give the graduate a job after completing schooling, but usually one must start at the bottom no matter what kind of degree they have. These are far more important than a degree because success is up to many other elements that college often does not teach. As claimed by the public broadcasting services, “Employers don’t seem all that interested in what you actually learned in the classroom. The number one thing they want out of kids who have just graduated from college, is work experience”(Capelli 00:05:00). In other words, public broadcasting services argues that we do not learn everything we need in our classes. Better jobs require some skills that are not taught in classrooms. Attending class for four years or so does not mean that they are intelligent, and have developed the ability to think wisely. Boring classes in college may decrease the desire of students to continue to improve themselves and learn more. Furthermore, according to the article N.S forced to write off student loans as grads struggle with debt. In public “a 22-year-old
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