Chemical Engineering Career Analysis

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Ultimately, my lifetime goals include graduating from college and having a stable career as a chemical engineer. I intend on majoring in Chemical Engineering, because math and science are the subjects I excel in. In the end, I want to be able to improve the lives of people. The academic choices I have made throughout my high school career have been sufficient to project me towards the right direction. The classes I attend classify as advanced placement. Not only will they help me gain some college credit, but they will aid in the transition to future college courses. Though they tests my time management, I have been able to succeed without any major problems. Staying in the top ten in my class is another choice I made. By completing assignments…show more content…
By majoring in Chemical Engineering, I will be able to put my skills to good use. Band is a fundamental and life changing extracurricular activity that I take part in. In band, all parts of the brain are used, and life skills are taught. Band consists primarily of commitment and dedication.The aspect of teamwork is highlighted as well. It focuses on working together to create a production. For example, if someone is not going to invest their time and energy into the production, eventually it will be evident. As a band student, it is necessary to be dedicated. There are also concepts of multitasking, memorizing, and concentration involved. Foremost, band has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. As a junior, I was a section leader. I was responsible for the flute section on the field. I had to ensure that they were always on task during practices. Currently, I lead the band as the drum major. These leadership positions have taught me to be responsible and to take charge of large groups of students. The tasks that the drum majors do are crucial, because, if the band of about 300 people are misinformed, then havoc will occur. Being able to control a large group helps keep the focus intact. Furthermore, my communication skills have improved with being in band. Communication and the ability to relay information to the band members are what complete the band. It is also important to be well informed to know what is happening at all times in case there are any
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