The Value Of Cheerleading

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Throughout high school I had always considered myself to be a people person. Though there were some people that I had differences with I could almost always overcome those grudges. I made the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman which was a great accomplishment, I was used to the cheerleaders that were on the team my first year and was not quite ready for the change coming my way. It was a rude awakening when I saw the extremely diverse group of opinionated girls chosen my junior year of cheer. Early on in the school year the team does fundraisers, bonding events, as well as, an abundance of practice. The girls you are surrounded with become more like a second family than a squad. But even the most functional families have problems, sadly…show more content…
I could not quite understand the other girl’s complaints and felt as if they were overreacting and just did not like me. I slowly began to stop being rude for no reason, but the destruction was already done. I could not walk into cheer without feeling awkward and loathed. It broke my heart to know that I had taken something I loved so much and made it unenjoyable. One day after a practice I missed, I received a call from my best friend who was also the captain, she told me they had a group discussion and that I had been the main topic. She told me that the other girls had explained that I caused unnecessary drama and made them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. At first I was shocked, I could not believe that I had turned into such a horrible person. I felt ashamed and conflicted with the decisions I had made. I never wanted for anyone to feel bad about themselves or as if I hated them, because I did not dislike any of them. I was just upset with the team we had and the views of the other girls. I was used to a hardworking team who did not complain about activities that had always been part of being a cheerleader. We were obviously from two completely different worlds and instead of embracing these differences I let them interfere with the well-being of my squad, coaches, and captains. I was extremely upset about how I went about the conflict with the team that had now…show more content…
I had never hurt someone in my life and now I had offended numerous people unintentionally. My conscious was full and I needed to make things right before the end of the season. At that week’s football game, despite my pride, I called the girl I had hurt as well as my coach away from everyone to talk. I apologized deeply and sincerely for the things I had said and the issues I had caused. Though I was not expecting them to forgive me I knew it was the right thing to do. Then on the way to the stadium I apologized openly to the entire team whether they were affected or not I knew that the issue was voiced to everyone and I wanted no more

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