Social Welfare Issues In America

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Every single day people all around the world face many different types of social welfare issues and it is the duty of media outlets to convey these issues to the public. Today newspaper is still a top source information. There are consistent trends in the social welfare issues that are covered in top newspapers. One trend often portrayed in the media is the sex industry. An article out of the August 27, 2015 edition of the Chicago Tribune written by Steve Champman titled “Outlawing prostitution is a crime”. Sex in America is highly stigmatized and often not spoken of, this article wants to educate people about the harm that making sex work illegal has on those within the industry as well as the harm done to the customers. I believe the main point of the article is that outlawing prostitution and other sex works will not…show more content…
An article taken from the Chicago Tribune written by Jason Meisner entitled “Ex-Cook sheriff’s cop admits to ripping off dealers.” speaks about three ex-sheriffs that were using their police authority to rob potential drug dealer of their drugs and money and then sell them back on to the streets to make a profit. This is a serious social welfare issue because it creates a further distrust between civilians and the police force. Another article pulled from the Chicago Tribune relating to this is “Ex-con in fight to clear name”. This article depicts a man that was wrongly convicted of murder back in 1989 and is working to clear his name in order to live a normal life free of the stigma related pass convictions. This is strongly related to social welfare policies because of the stigmas related to ex-cons and the things that ail them. Because of these factors working against them they are more likely to need other assistance programs from social

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