Should Everyone Go To College Analysis

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“Should Everyone Go To College” College is a big decision for anyone to make, and the authors Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill give a good argument for getting that higher education. They contend that “telling all young people that they should go to college no matter what, is actually doing some of them a disservice.”(Page# 208, Para# 1) Depending on what their interests are will help them decide what school would be best for them, and how long they should go. A bachelor’s degree may not be needed. The authors also give research that “additional education improve overall wellbeing by affecting things like job satisfaction, health, marriage, parenting, trust, and social interaction.” (Page # 210, Para # 3) The authors have given a good argument that college is an investment in your future worth taking.…show more content…
A trade school may be a better choice for someone with a particular interest. The authors have a chart that breaks down the earnings a bachelor’s degree. (Page # 215, Para # 1) It shows that not all bachelor’s degrees net the same amount of earnings. However, being happy in your choice of career can offset the money you can make. A bachelor’s degree may be what you need for some careers, but not all require

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