What Are The Three Branches Of Government

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In America everyone can have political beliefs. The congressmen are american so clearly they can have political beliefs. Congress can decide to fire a president if we the people want to so, it is very important that we have political beliefs. There is 3 branches of government. They are legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative is the branch that makes laws. It includes the House of Representatives, and senate. The executive branch is responsible for forcing the laws to be followed. It includes the President and Vice President. The final branch of government is the judicial branch of government. The judicial government enforces the punishments and interprets the laws. It involves all the courts and the Supreme Court. Checks and balances is the system that our founding fathers made. They made this to prevent one of the branches from becoming too powerful and…show more content…
So if he is doing it wrong, then the whole country is in trouble. One of the powers the legislative branch is to check on the Executive branch. They do this by deciding whether or not the president should be impeached or not. The executive branch is being checked. If the president breaks a law or begins to gain more power than the other branches, then the legislative branch can decide whether or not to impeach him to restore balance. The founding fathers did not want the leader to become like King George III. They did not want to the president to have too much power, and force things on the people like King George III did. We need this process because without it we may have a different government today than the one we have today. If we did not have this process then the president could have done anything, and have done it for as long as he wanted but that can not happen because we have impeachment. So if it begins to happen we can just impeach the president and continue
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