Power Of Branches Essay

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Power of Congress and Creating a Balance among Branches All over the world, every country develop their government systems that differ from each other. The powers of branches are extremely important in the government systems. The US has a federal government composed of three branches: execution, Judiciary and legislature. In order to understand a “perfect” form of government, there are some questions that need to be answered. How strong should these branches be? How did their powers change over time? The questions will reveal the results of what happened after the power change in a particular branch. Depending on those results, we can claim the necessary distribution of powers. For example, Congress is the place where people are represented and power of congress was dependent on historical events. In my opinion, more power should be given to a particular branch when interests of people are taken care of or when it is necessary. Under…show more content…
There are specific times that they gain power over each other; however, it is not logical to say that one side should be stronger than the other “permanently”. Madison supports that idea; however, this concept is against the principles of an equal society, even the idea looks more republic. In other words, all the powers of different branches have particular effects on different events. As long as the interests of the society and the power of the nation are concerned, one side can be stronger than the other, but not forever. In addition, under normal conditions, the necessary and proper clause gives congress the right to inspect the authority of the presidency so that dominancy of that branch can be controlled and the country is able to remain as a republic. These reasons and evidences are enough to understand the “perfect” for of a
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