Mark Felt: The FBI Pyramid

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“In the late Sixties and early Seventies, the country was at war- civil war- but only few people knew about it” Felt, pg 11. Secrets like that and others were held from the people of the United States and only the FBI was aware of such events, but kept it to themselves for their own benefit. Mark Felt “The FBI Pyramid.” “I retired from the FBI on June 22, 1973, after thirty-eight years of Government service- thirty two of them as a Special Agent and a Field and Headquarters executive of the FBI” Felt, pg 11. Mark Felt came out and told his country of some secrets the FBI had hid from them for a long time he influenced them how their country is not always as peaceful as it seems from the outside, that their government kept secrets to itself usually for it’s own benefits. “William Mark Felt told the journalist that former CIA agent and Nixon staff member Howard Hunt was involved in the Watergate scandal. The evidence eventually led to President Nixon’s resignation in August 1974” This impacted the society because now people know that there is always something going on in their country, without them being aware of it, that there are always going to be secrets hidden from them and there is always going to be some backstory for…show more content…
But when he did publish his book “The FBI Pyramid” he made it clear that the US Government had huge secrets and wouldn’t had of told the public sooner or later.“For the first time, there was anti-FBI leaks to the press and to other agencies of Government of high level in the Bureau and the effect was destructive of morale and efficiency” Felt, pg 101, this made it unquestionable that the government didn’t trust their

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