Argumentative Essay: The 8th Amendment

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"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind." - Mahatma Gandhi For everyone in the U.S and the world, needs something to live and they want something to live and without it they think they'll die. It's different for everyone, so, one thing that you definitely need is the 8th amendment. I like the 8th amendment because it protects people from abuse in the future. Also, it keeps people safe from harsh punishment for doing a petty crime. The 8th has protected people in the past and will continue protecting people in the future. If we didn't have the 8th amendment people wouldn't come or want to come to the U.S and people would eventually move out. It wouldn't be a safe place…show more content…
In past court cases the 8th has protected an innocent victim of prison for life. See this is what I'm talking about when I say it protects people. See the court was gonna break the 8th but sense the lawyer knew what he was talking about he said, "wait that's breaking the 8th" and so the punishment didn't stand. I think that the 8th helps people no matter if they are innocent are guilty. In a recent court case the victim was guilty of a petty crime. They were gonna imprison him for life and since it was a petty crime the 8th backed him up. No matter if you are guilty or innocent you still deserve a chance and the 8th is that chance for them. From stealing shoes to robbing a bank the 8th amendment will be by your side. If America didn't have this amendment, it wouldn't be a good place to live, it would be referred to as "the bad" country cause you're taking away a right that we need. This amendment protects people, and when everything fails it's right there behind you. There wouldn't be any justice in our country without the 8th amendment. Everyone would be equal, equal as a criminal locked up in prison forever. And that's not what we as Americans want for our country. All the amendments wouldn't change we just wouldn't have the best

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