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Throughout World War II, many battles were fought and the battle known to be the biggest battle failure occurred on the beaches of Dieppe. A controversial question that comes up in regards to Dieppe is: Was Dieppe solely preparation for the battle of D-Day? The lack of organization throughout the operation, poor intelligence given, and the wrong use of aerial support were the three major lessons learned at Dieppe to help in the preparation of future battles. Dieppe was solely used for future battle preparation. It is mandatory that everything go as planned with flexibility in the plan, the allies failed to do so as there was a lack of organization and no room for mistakes. The element of surprise was key for the plan to be a success at Dieppe but failed to happen. Landing…show more content…
Therefore Dieppe was used for future battle preparation as the Allies now new that they had to distract the Germans of the arrival. Another issue was, the landing craft carrying the troops called the Royal Regiment of Canada had lined up behind the wrong boat which would have taken them to the wrong beach. It took them twenty minutes in the dark to sort out the problem and put them behind schedule (Trueman). Due to the delay, the boat had landed in daylight and paid for the mistake. Of the 27 officers and 516 men landed at the beach, just 3 officers and 57 men got off (Trueman). Dieppe was preparation because at D-Day, the Allies chose to land their troops by aircrafts and ships in an organized manor and on time and everything went as planned unlike Dieppe. Also, nine tanks were scheduled to land with the first infantry assault but ended up being late due to navigational errors cause them to go to different directions. The Allies were then left as open targets as they get shot on by the well armed and ready Germans in the caves and cliffs (Pitt). Navigational use is one of the most important

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