What Is The Greatest Weaknesses Of The Federal Government

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Question 1: What is the greatest strength AND what is the greatest weakness of the way our federal government is organized? Refer to the three branches of the government, the first three Articles of the Constitution, the way the branch is structured, and the checks and balances that regulate power between the three branches. Though strong and reliable the federal government is not perfect, it has flaws and weak points that can make being a US citizen frustrating at times. The most prevalent flaw is how divided the United States is as a country. Each state has the right to its own laws and government as given in the tenth amendment. The problem with the ability for states to pass their own laws is that it gives the possibility of major laws being shut down statewide.…show more content…
When the Articles of Confederation were made the three branches of the government were left weak and practically useless. The states held all the power as the executive branch could make but not enforce laws, the legislative branch held no jurisdiction over state level and therefore could not force them to do anything, and there was virtually no actual judicial branch in place. This is where the first three Articles of the Constitution as well as their checks and balances make a true difference in our country. Checks and balances and the branches of government are what have allowed our country to grow into the powerhouse that it is. By setting up and defining exactly which each branch is capable of, and setting in place a system that stops them from rising to too much power, each branch is able to work efficiently at it’s own tasks. Question 2: What did you learn from playing the Civic Mirror? Specifically, what lessons in government, economics and human behavior were taught or reinforced by your participation in the Civic Mirror simulation? What surprised you from this

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