Similarities Between The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

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There were many different debates that occurred in order to shape the U.S. One debate was between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The debate was concerning the ratification of the Constitution. The Federalists were a group of people that supports the ratification of the new Constitution. The Anti-Federalists were a group of people that opposed the new Constitution. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party. The Federalists felt like there was no need of the Bill of Rights because it would limit people rights instead of protecting their rights. Since the Articles of Confederation failed, the Federalists feel like they need a stronger government. The government should be limited to only power given to it under the constitution. There should be a separation of powers. It needs to have three equal branches and not one group or person would be given too much power over the other. This separation of power permits prevention of tyranny. There should be checks and balances that could check or limit the other branches.…show more content…
Anti-Federalists felt like the new constitution would threaten liberties. It would be a failure to protect the people rights. Having a stronger government would threaten the sovereignty of the states. The constitution is giving too much power to the federal government, which means the state and local governments are not going to get anything. They feel that not enough restrictions on authority of the national government. They want to keep the same relationship between the states that existed under the Articles of Confederation. The Anti-Federalists wants the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution because they would know there is guaranteed protection of their

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