Automatic Plate Recognition

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Evaluate the wider uses of these technological developments within one identified sector Automatic Number Plate Recognition The Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a technology that is used by the police. They use this to detect and catch criminals by scanning the cars number plate. The police would have a database of all the number plates, the police would use this to see if the vehicle is insured and has passed the MOT. The police would pull the vehicle over if it’s not passed its MOT or if it’s not insured. This would be fitted into the police cars and they would scan cars driving past. The police are able to control the camera that are fitted around the car as they are able to zoom into places. The database is scanned when cars drive past to find cars that may have been stolen or to find suspicious drivers that may be involved in carrying out illegal activities. The database would be updated if the police find cars that may have been involved in criminal activities, so when the car is driving past they are able to keep an eye on them or able stop them to search the vehicle. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be benefiting the police as this would make their job easier because the…show more content…
The CCTV is used to record footage for security reasons. The CCTV would be recording 24 hours a day and the people would be monitoring the CCTV to see if there is a problem taken place. The police would be ready to take actions when they have identified a problem on the CCTV. The CCTV allows the users to zoom in to places so that they are able to track and monitor people to make sure that they aren’t causing a problem. The police would also use this to monitor traffic on main roads to make sure that the cars aren’t dangerous driving. The footage would be saved onto a hard drive and would be kept secure. Also less people would attempt to commit crime when they see the CCTV because they know that its recording

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