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Body worn cameras Body worn cameras “are small devices, usually attached to the head or upper body of a police officer, and they're used to record their day-to-day-work. Some cameras have enough battery life for a couple hours of recording, while others can last as long as 12 hours” (German Lopez 2014).The body worn cameras weighed 108 grams and is water proof and also shows the recording in colour. (Eugene P. Ramirez 2014).The footage that the cameras record will stored in an internal and secure hard drive. Footage recorded can then be uploaded to MPS servers for use of evidence at court or any other proceedings. (Metropolitan Police 2014). The metropolitan police (2014) state that the body worn cameras will not stay on all day “It is anticipated that officers will record interactions at stop and search incidents, domestic violence and use of force, vehicle stops, arrest enquiries, premises searches, stop & account, safety risk to user/others and giving statutory directions or if they feel that there would be evidential value in recording the incident” (Metropolitan police 2014). Body worn cameras began in 2006; in the British police as they were being tested by the Denon and Cornwall police (Mark Easton 2013). The basic command…show more content…
Officers cannot audio record without the consent of all of the fellow people that are there, state law, stated this law for the concerns of the citizen’s privacy. Recording without permission exposes police to possible civil suits and this can be a risk of losing their job. The state law has got concerns about police officers having cameras attached to their uniform but they do not have any concerns with police officers having a camera on their dash board in a police car. (Michael White 2013).The police department has been instructed by the law department to obtain a legislative law for body worn cameras to be used before taking any more action. (Rosenberg

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