Essay On Privacy In The Workplace

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Introduction Privacy is generally defined as “a state in which one is not disturbed or observed by other people “. Privacy is a valuable aspect of individuality as well as freedom. In the last two decades, technology that could be maintained checked or controlled such as letters and fax has drastically transitioned to that which is difficult to control. We are now in the ages of Emails and messages that lead to rapid exchanges between people and businesses. The internet is one of the main reasons that businesses are able to remain competitive as it allows businesses to obtain, collect and transfer various amounts of data and information. Internet has now become, without a doubt, an essential for businesses. Section 14 of the Constitution states that, “Everyone has the…show more content…
There are also cases of employees leaking personal information about an entity’s clientele. Additionally, frequent inspections of online activities will promote productivity and transparency in the workplace. Why shouldn’t employers monitor employee’s online activities? On the other end of the spectrum we find it would be unreasonable to monitor their online activities for the following reasons: It infringes on employees personal rights. It basically creates a hostile environment in the workplace which leads to distrust and limits communication amongst co-workers and executives. If employee’s emails and social media are constantly checked on, it may create a feeling that they do not have complete freedom. Upon inspection a question arises, would it really be ethical to create a sense of insecurity in the business where employees are always on edge and are forced to abide by the rules of the employer with not only their business life but also their private life. Step 2: Identifying the

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