Disadvantages Of Wearable Computer

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REPORT ON WEARABLE COMPUTERS Student name: Student number: Email address: Course code: Assignment due date: Academic Referencing style: APA STYLE Campus lecturer/tutor: Course Coordinator: Executive Summary Wearable computers are part of wearable technology that promises a transformation in the provision of IT services especially in learning activities and teaching process at the University. Along with the various advantages to various areas of applications, include; convenience, enhances better communication and allow accessibility to resources at anytime from anywhere. There are many risks that University management need to consider before taking initiative of implementing wearable in the learning and teaching activities. The difficulties or risks that might be involved with adoption of wearable computers include; invasion of person’s privacy and how they can affect students health because of being worn in student’s body. To reduce all kind all kind of risks that might be involved with wearable computers, University management need to develop strategy that…show more content…
Also, the university ICT department aims at investigating how wearable computers can replace their counterparts. Even though these wearable computers are not such powerful or widespread like laptops or the ordinary desktops, we aim to investigate how these wearable computers will beneficial to the school means of teaching and learning. Additionally, the objective of this report is to find how wearable computers will liberate the academia. The report will also outline how the wearable computers or wearable technology can assist to extend the classrooms, that is, beyond the physical view of the classroom to give the higher and greater means of accessing electronic resources and thus giving immediate impact to the field of

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