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The most refined skills of color printing, the intricate techniques of wide-angle photography, provide us pictures of trivia bigger and more real than life. We forget that we see trivia and notice only that the reproduction is so good. Man fulfils his dream and by photographic magic produces a precise image of the Grand Canyon. The result is not that he adores nature or beauty the more. Instead he adores his camera.” Daniel J. Boorstin once stated (Quoteland). What is a photographer? A photographer is someone who takes pictures, typically on a camera, to record an event or capture a particular moment as a profession (Photographer). Because images are there when people are absent, photography is a way of keeping memories alive. Sir John F.W Herschel, in 1839, used the word photography for the first time. The word derived from the Greek words photo, meaning light, and graphein, meaning to draw. Photography is a method of recording images onto a light-sensitive material by using a camera (About). A camera is a tool that controls the amount of light that reaches a piece of film or surface inside (Camera). The first camera was invented by Ibn Al-Haytham who lived around 1000 AD. He named it the pinhole camera, which is also called the Camera Obscura. Oddly, the images that were produced on this camera were upside…show more content…
Photo editing is the process of changing images. Although most photographers edit their own photos, photo editing is actually a separate occupation. Photo editors work with companies to prepare photographs for their final published look. They may also manage photographers. Becoming a professional in this career typically requires experience as a photographer along with a bachelor's degree and photography classes. A master's degree is also available for ones seeking to further his or her education in this field. This degree may lead to supervisor or editorial chief

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