Advantages And Disadvantages Of Phenomenal Iphone

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Phenomenal Iphone On this day , technology is one of a profit business. Why it become so important? Because, on this day everyone needs a technology to support their job. And also on this day, many companies show their product to win market of software technology and to make the customer have an interest buying it. Apple, Samsung, LG, ASUS, Huawei, Xiaomi just example company who always compete each other by showing their latest technology and a new invention product. IPhone example is one of phenomenal smartphone invention product that launched from Apple. Since, their first smartphone have been launched it became so phenomenal but why? And why everyone wants to use it. Since Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple and also he was one of the founder of…show more content…
First we can see from finger print scan new generation because IPhone SE is adapted with IPhone 5s so finger print scan still in first generation if we compare with IPhone 6 that supported with the latest new finger print scan support. The second IPhone SE isn’t supported with 3D touch which means IPhone SE can’t recognize how hard the user press the screen on phone and also can’ t respond fast on this situation. The third the front camera of IPhone SE just supported with just 1.2MP so it means when we take a picture the result of not as good as IPhone 6. The last data storage because it is just available into 32, 64GB so when we save the in a huge memory it can’t be supported in IPhone SE but it will be supported on IPhone 6 that has 128GB it was latest new data storage on…show more content…
First we can see data storage available in a huge memory. It was design for a huge memory data so it is available in 2 type the smallest one 64GB and latest new data new storage is 128Gn that none of new smart phone is supported with a huge memory support. The colors are supported in 3 such as silver, gold, and also rose gold so it looks so elegant and high class. It was supported in new high technology like the new finger scan generation more sensitive and also supported with 3D scan which means IPhone can detect how hard the user press the screen and can respond really fast in that case. And also camera it is supported with 12MP which means when we take the picture the result will be like the professional photographer take it. But IPhone 6 also has minor disadvantages. First despite of high technology support but the size of is too big for IPhone users who accustom using no such a big size around 4, 7 inch that looks like the other competitors’ phone. Second the capacity of battery just 10 hours for user it isn’t good enough. And the last the price is too expensive when we calculate it into rupiah it was more than 12 million rupiah it is the same price for 1 motorcycle. It is too expensive for a

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