Advantage Of Video Conferencing

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What is video conferencing? Video conferencing is defined as (by 'A live connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication, usually involving audio and often text as well as video. At its simplest, videoconferencing provides transmission of static images and text between two locations. At its most sophisticated, it provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations'. Video conferencing differs from personal video calls in that it is designed to serve people in multiple locations rather than only two. The pervious definition of video conferencing leads us to the different types of video conferencing systems that are currently available which…show more content…
Many people think that the only benefit of video conferencing in business is to reduce travel costs. However, there are other benefits that could be categorized into five main benefits According to dr. s. Ann Earson, and these are: Reduced travel expenses, increased productivity and efficiency, improved management communications, enhanced business opportunities and improved work and life balance. • Reduced travel expenses As more and more businesses are expanding globally, it is certainly important to have a face-to-face meeting with customers, partners and employees. This requires rapid business trips to hold these meetings which might only take thirty minutes. All of these costs of time and money spent on business trips could be reduced by using high definition video conferences. • Increased productivity and efficiency. Many teams interact with each other using either e-mails or IM. Video conferencing has allowed employees to interact with each other at the same time as if they are in the same room. It allows employees to show visual presentations and see reactions too. All of this leads to completing projects faster, fast decision making and improved productivity across the…show more content…
Many organizations have gone globally, therefor it is important to hold meetings among directors across the globe in which, video conferencing had made easier for a large number of people to connect through. • Access to remotely located experts. An organization might have the need to collaborate with specific experts, who might be in hard-to-get-to places. And therefore video conferencing comes in hand in helping to contact the expert without actually going through all the hard ships to get to him/her. • Cost savings. Obviously, video conferencing can help reduce costs for organizations. Not only in terms of money savings, but also it saves time of their employee though they can work more efficiently. Not only that video conferencing help reducing costs, it also environmentally friendly. By taking less flights and shorter car rides, it is actually helping the environment. • Having a set time for the meeting encourages more control and less time wasted on non-agenda items. Disadvantages: • On lower quality links, movement can be jerky. • Body language Can be lost if movement is jerky and/or picture quality is reduced. • Sound

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